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Complex Trauma, Dissociation & Flashbacks: Clinical Skills Workshop #8-9 Oct # BPS London Office


Strategies for working with Complex Trauma: 


We will discuss the neuro-scientific updates of Complex Trauma and Dissociation following complex trauma. The workshop will include adult presentations of Childhood Sexual Abuse experiences, physical & emotional abuse, neglect & other complex / developmental traumas. We will use the direct therapeutic use of accessible case conceptualisations, current CBT techniques for helping our clients move forward and case studies to demonstrate clinical approaches. 

Grounded in the current research literature, Relational CBT approach-underpinned with client centred values.

Practitioners are advised to attend the PTSD Master Class Workshop offered on this site (or a similar level of training elsewhere), prior to attending.

Delegates will get the chance for live observation & question and answers of these processes with Dr Heather Sequeira & our 'clients' (a professional actor playing our clients attending therapy).

Plus, diverse clinical material will be used throughout to illustrate other trauma presentations. Hands-on, interactive and totally relevant to our real-world clinical practice.

This is a CPD certificate workshop (earn 12 Hours CPD) 

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Customer Reviews

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Outstanding training

I really appreciated access to Heather's rich store of knowledge on this subject. Also, she has a way of conveying complex information is a really user-friendly way which can in turn, be passed on to the client. A really great 2 days. Thank you

Great training on complex trauma

I found the two days very helpful and enjoyable. It gave me some great ideas around making formulation simple and meaningful

Exceptionally through and clinically useful

I have attended the other workshops and this was no exception. Exceptionally through, highly interactive, totally clinically relevant and with lots of new information. I really benefit from how Heather presents often complex neurobiological ideas in such a simple, easy to understand way. Plus I love the use of metaphors in therapy. I left with renewed confidence, sense of competence and am sure this will pass on clients. The use of an actor presenting as our client is was really helpful and cemented the theory and information in a really practical useful way.