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PTSD, Trauma & Beyond: the Essentials # 25 Feb 2020 #BPS London

Click Self or Org Funded

Special Self-funded fee £135 (online payment); Organisational-Invoice fee £190

This is a 6 hour CPD certificate workshop

A Fiercely Non-Pathologizing Approach to Working Effectively with Trauma.

The essentials of recognising & working with a range of traumatic reactions for Counsellors & Mental Health Practitioners. 

This 1-day workshop establishes the empirical frameworks for working trans-diagnostically with traumatised people. For understanding what maintains a person's difficulties and therefore what needs to be done to help a person move forward.

  • Cutting-edge  *but accessible & clinically relevant* research & theory
  • Clinical strategies & live observation 

    The Workshop Will Help Delegates:

    • To develop a clear understanding of the nature of Childhood & Adult traumatic presentations.
    • Understand an accessible psychological theory of PTSD derived from empirical findings.
    • Identify the common strategies used to cope with trauma that may actually contribute to the maintenance of PTSD.
    • To develop confidence in assessing and formulating PTSD and associated co-morbidity in more complex presentations.
    • Identify Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD & Complex PTSD responses & other “co-morbid” problems.
    • Develop an accessible understanding of happens in the brain following psychological trauma (an introduction).
    • Gain Tools to Normalise post-trauma responses: Reducing stigma; reducing secondary stresses.
    • Develop skills in distress tolerance & emotional regulation to help clients move forward.

    Live Observation & Practice - Makes this Different from Other Training:

    The workshop is highly practical. Delegates will get the chance to observe & practice skills (with a professional actor playing our very credible client attending therapy). We discuss moment–to–moment decisions about the direction therapy should take - unpacking the therapeutic process with real-time demonstration & practice of skills. Plus, other diverse clinical material will be used to illustrate different presentations, real-world challenges & therapy pitfalls.  

    Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for professionals who want to develop & their practice skills to help clients with a history of trauma. It is also an excellent recap for advanced level practitioners. Whether clinicians are counsellors getting their first exposure to CBT for trauma or seasoned practitioners wanting a refresher, this will satisfy professional training needs. No prior CBT experience necessary.

    Workshop Itinerary: For the workshop Itinerary please Click Here

    Times: 9.30-4.00pm (Venue open from 9.00am- please join us for tea & coffee)
    Venue: BPS London Office: 30 Tabernacle St, London EC2A 4UE
    The venue is central within London Underground Zone 1. It is within easy walking distance of Old Street, Moorgate & Liverpool Street station.

    Self-Care: Delegates own professional responsibility for self-care is emphasised throughout the training. For details on the type of detailed traumatic case material discussed, please Click Here

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Excellent thank you

    This was an excellent course with a great balance of theoretical information and practical experiential learning. It included very helpful tips on describing why and how our brains respond as they do.
    Heather made it easy to participate in discussions and in cleverly simulated practice sessions. I highly recommend the course. Thank you Heather and her team.

    Excellent Training!

    I have been working in social care for 25 years and this was one of the best workshops I have been on. The level of information was detailed, but
    presented in such a way as to be most helpful in order to use at work, brilliant training! Thank you

    PTSD Workshop

    I was really satisfied with the quality and complexity of this workshop. Not only it was informative and useful, but also hands-on - with an actress playing our the role of a client most convincingly where the participants could try out the role of a therapist. I would definitely recommend it.

    PTSD workshop

    Very interactive workshop where I learned the Essentials of Trauma/ PTSD. Provided a good insight and understanding illustrated with concrete tools.
    Definitely recommend it.

    Enjoyable, well presented and informative workshop

    I thoroughly enjoyed attending this workshop, finding it practical and useful for my practice. Dr Sequeira is able to break down what we learnt into easy to understand topics, showing her experience and knowledge of the subject. The live role play was particularly cogent, the actor being a convincing client, and again helpful in bringing together the learnings taught throughout the day. The venue itself was easy to find, clean and inviting, and on a side note, the coffee served was very good. I would highly recommend this course for you to help start develop your understanding of trauma.

    trauma workshop

    I found the simplification of how the brain works helpful and easy to remember.
    The live client role play was very interesting but may be difficult to recall as was unsure of the structure i.e. objective of each section.

    Overall it was helpful and informative and clear that Dr Sequeira is passionate and knowledable on this topic.

    Great workshop

    I highly recommend this workshop if you want to gain knowledge about PTSD and Trauma. It was very practical, informative and well explained. I liked the language and practical examples Heather used to make the content more accessible and understandable. It is a very good workshop especially if your aim is to understand how the trauma affects the brain and how to deal with PTSD symptoms through a "live practice" experience. However, it may result a little bit too elementary for professionals that have already some insight into the PTSD.
    I also quite liked the engagement between all the attendees and Heather, which made the course more interactive and less "teaching".

    Highly recommend this engaging and interactive workshop

    If you want to gain an insight into the essentials of PTSD, attend this course. I was a little apprehensive about whether the detail would be relevant and accessible. I very quickly realised that there was no need to be concerned. The course content gives an in depth knowledge into the factors associated with trauma and PTSD. A well thought out structure and delivery style ensures that some of the more complex aspects relating to the neuroscience of trauma is extremely well explained and demonstrated, both in a way to ensure personal understanding but also providing relevant clinical application. The afternoon session gave us the chance to put into practice the knowledge learnt from the morning and was one of the most engaging interactive sessions I have been part of during a training course. I walked away with a greater understanding of PTSD, feeling confident that I recognise and better understand it's effects. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning thanks to Heather's engaging delivery style and substantial expertise. Will definitely be looking to book for the 2 day course - a great training experience.

    Empowering & Insightful Workshop!

    Great workshop with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere! Very useful to gain and develop knowledge of Trauma/PTSD, to share ideas and develop relevant tools to apply practically. Heather presents knowledge and practical skills in an accessible and inspiring way, encouraging valuable discussion throughout. Would highly recommend! I now feel more confident and empowered moving forward.

    Great trauma workshop

    I really enjoyed the way it was presented and how many new thinks I got from it. I really recomend for people to join this workshop.