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PTSD Master Class Workshop # 19-20 March 2020 # BPS London Office

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British Psychological Society Approved Workshop for Purposes of CPD


Trauma and Emotional pain are NOT pathologies. We focus on using evidence-based Relational CBT  underpinned by Client Centred values. We establish a strongly non-pathologising stance for working effectively with traumatised people.

Our 2 Day PTSD Master Class draws on recent research findings in neuroscience, the clinical model of Ehlers and Clark and eighteen years post qualification experience.

PTSD Master Class will offer participants a firm foundation for working with PTSD using Trauma-Focused CBT, underpinned by a relational philosophy.


Day One: Current theories of PTSD, updates in neuroscience and the role of memory processes in the maintenance of PTSD will be explored, along with case formulation and therapy. A variety of case presentations will be discussed.

Day Two: "Live Observation" and Practice see below:

Live Observation:

We have developed a system of therapy simulation using a professional actor as our ‘client'. This process enables the opportunity to see, experience and to practice using real material in a simulated context.

In addition, a wide range of diverse clinical material will be used to illustrate throughout. Hands-on, interactive & totally relevant to our real-world clinical practice. Real-time demonstration, & practice of skills in a safe environment.

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"This training was something special - strong empirical backbone & more importantly - an honest acknowledgment of what is going on in the therapy. Academically strong..." Dr S

Self-funded Discounted Rate £235; Organisation Funded Debit/Credit Card Online Payment  £335; Organisation Invoice Required £395

Times: 9.30-4.00pm (Venue open from 9.00am- please join us for tea & coffee)
Venue: BPS London Office: 30 Tabernacle St, London EC2A 4UE
The venue is central within London Underground Zone 1. It is within easy walking distance of Old Street, Moorgate & Liverpool Street stations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
PTSD Masterclass

I thoroughly recommend this training. Heather's interactive style gave clear and concise explanations of theory which made it understandable and relatable to practice with clients. There are many 'takeaway' tools and metaphors that I have already used in my work. I feel more confident working with trauma re-living in a safe and 'grounded in the present' way. All class contributions were heard and respected. This was an enjoyable as well as very educative learning experience.

Excellent Training

I would highly recommend this workshop. To be given the opportunity to practice skliis with a 'client-actor' was extremely useful. It would appear other training providers do not provide this valuable experience. Heather has excellent delivery skills and has a special way of reinforcing learning.

Great PTSD training

This training was really good and offered the right balance of theory and hands on training. Observing the skills in a life like therapy session was powerful and educational. Throughly recommend

Excellent workshop

I attended to build my confidence in working with PTSD and through Heather’s theory, training and live work with the actor, I left with more ideas and confidence than I had hoped for! Heather’s approach was very informative and empathic and I would recommend (and have recommended!) this course to anyone wishing to build their skills and confidence in working with trauma.


This training was so helpful to me in my work. Heather's integration of CBT strategies with an empathic, humanistic approach was pitch perfect and allowed me to feel confident about working more effectively with my trauma clients in the future. The ' real life ' work with the actor on day 2 was completely immersive - bringing about an exceptional depth of learning and understanding.

Excellent course

Heather delivered an outstanding course having the right mix of theory and real-world application. It was clear and very well structured. Thank you

PTSD Masterclass

I thoroughly enjoyed this training and have come away with more knowledge and confidence for working with clients who have experienced trauma. Heather is extremely friendly and approachable and easy to listen to. This course has simplified theory and methods of working with clients in a way which is accessible for myself as a therapist, but also for those we are working with. I really enjoyed the element of the actor, which brought the therapy to life. It has only been two days since I attended the course and I have already been putting it into practice and reflecting on how much I have taken away from this course. Highly recommended and clinically relevant!

Brilliant and accessible training

This training is brilliant - Heather is an excellent speaker, and her vast experience and competence shone through. The level was very accessible, even for those with less pre-existing awareness of the model, and she worked really hard to ensure we would feel confident in co-constructing and using trauma-informed formulations, which I really valued. Heather simplified the complexity of trauma research and practice, and I found all of the training to be very memorable and user-friendly. I had arrived with questions about the sequence in which to do interventions, as well as a sense that there's too much competing jargon in this area, but now feel much clearer in both regards. The use of an excellent actor brought the theory to life, and I really valued Heather's openness to questions and participation in all areas of the two days.

One of the best workshops I have been on

Excellent trainer. Clear knowledgeable and experiential. Theory and practical skills applied neatly to many diverse clinical examples that really helped illustrate processes. On 2nd day Heather an actor role playing a client really brought the therapy into the room. It felt real and enabled us to discuss the therapy process as it was unfolding. Well recommended. CBT basis but well integrated with ACT/ client centred/ attachment therapeutic perspectives.

PTSD Masterclass

I found the two day training really valuable. Heather provided a great understanding into PTSD and how to apply the theory into practice. I have been able to take away some strategies Heather provided us to apply when working with our client. The simplified understanding of what happens to the brain was great and the role play put it all together. Thank you!