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What PTSD Trauma Workshops Does

Our Master Class course is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society) for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for registered psychologists & qualified mental health professionals. We teach empirically validated methods of CBT, underpinned by a relational value base.

The British Psychological Society Approved

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Previous delegates said that they really valued not only Dr Heather Sequeira's authentic, expert knowledge & willingness to demonstrate clinical skills but also discussion of challenges, pitfalls & complexity.  

The Right Interventions Can Make PTSD Treatment Faster & More Effective: T-F CBT offers unique powerful strategies within the context of a sound therapeutic relationship, to empower our clients to move forward and reclaim their lives.

Self-Funding Discount

In recognition that many people now fund their own CPD, we offer a special reduced fee to those delegates who are 'Self-Funding" their CPD. The full fee is payable for those who are funded by their organisation. To see our upcoming events and book a place,

How CBT Psychology Training Came To Be

Dr Heather Sequeira PhD is a founder and Director of  PTSDTraumaWorkshops. With extensive experience of teaching and presenting, she is an inspirational facilitator of psychological skills training. Heather has vast clinical experience in mental health giving regular input to British Psychological Society CPD, Clinical Doctoral Training programmes and CBT Diploma Courses. She is an executive committee member of the Crisis, Disaster & Trauma BPS Section. Experience in NHS, private practice and organisational contexts has a particular interest in PTSD, Complex trauma & Trauma-Informed OCD. Her combined knowledge of clinical practice, extensive experience and excellent training skills make her an excellent and stimulating trainer to work with.    

Dr Heather Sequeira


Her mission is simple: to provide you with accessible but academically rigorous training in a warm, friendly, safe and respectful atmosphere. Her vision is to make psychology training highly practical, more engaging, more enjoyable & more effective without losing the academic thoroughness vital for skilled therapy. 


      Heather came into psychology as Trauma Researcher specialising in PTSD. She completed her training and has lectured on Clinical and Counselling Psychology Doctorate courses & CBT Diplomas. She also has a special interest in the intersection between PTSD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She conducted her PhD (University of London) in the field of psychological trauma. She has published articles on traumatic experience in leading international journals, including the British Journal of Psychiatry, and has presented at international conferences.  


      The level of Competence Required:

      PTSDTraumaWorkshops is part of CBTPsychologyTraining - an organisation offering Continuing Professional Development to Psychologists, Counsellors & Psychotherapists & other Mental Health professionals working in the field of trauma & related issues.

      Some of our courses (such as the PTSD MasterClass) are directed to professionals who are already familiar with the fundamentals of CBT. Some practitioners may be practising at an intermediate or advanced level. We also offer introductory level courses that are directed to professionals at the beginning of their CBT journey.

      Attendees are usually required to hold a membership to a Professional Body or be in training for a recognised mental health qualification. There may be occasional exceptions to this  (for example non-practitioner researchers in PTSD or graduate psychologists seeking pre-training experience and knowledge) but please contact us to discuss.

      If you are unsure of the level of competence, qualification or skills required for each course, please contact us in confidence via the contact form.
      To see our upcoming events and book a place,

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      PTSD Trauma Workshops

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