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About us

Supporting Your Steps to Trauma Expertise

Our Master Class course is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society) for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for registered psychologists & qualified mental health professionals. We teach empirically validated methods of CBT, underpinned by a relational value base.

The British Psychological Society Approved

Cutting Edge Research - Meaningful Action

For us the rationale for these workshops has been simple - we wanted to give people an in-depth practical understanding of Trauma-Focused Therapy without losing the academic thoroughness vital for skilled therapy. We bring together meaningful, client-centred values with cutting edge research that is applicable and relevant to real world practice.

Bringing therapy to life - literally
We believe that we owe it to our clients to provide them with the best treatments available. Therefore, alongside the research updates and theoretical understanding, we use "live" practice or "therapy simulation" with in the training. For this we use a professional actor as our ‘client'. This is a unique opportunity to present factual information through the lens of a persons experience and to integrate our skills. A unique balance between theory and hands-on practice.

"Previous delegates said that they really valued not only Dr Heather Sequeira's authentic, expert knowledge & willingness to demonstrate clinical skills but also discussion of challenges, pitfalls & client complexity.  

In short, our workshops, incorporate up-to-date research and theory, alongside the opportunity to see, experience and to practice using real material in a safe simulated context. 


How PTSD Trauma Workshops Came To Be

Dr Heather Sequeira PhD is a founder and Director of PTSDTraumaWorkshops. With extensive experience of teaching and presenting, she is an inspirational facilitator of psychological skills training.

Heather has a solid background in Trauma related research, working as Senior Research Fellow, University of London (St Georges Medical School) for over 7 years prior to training as a clinician. She is now an executive committee member of the British Psychological Society Crisis, Disaster & Trauma BPS Section. She has regular input to British Psychological Society CPD, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Training programmes and CBT Diploma Courses.  She has experience in NHS, private practice and organisational contexts and has a particular specialty in PTSD, Complex PTSD & Trauma-related OCD.

The unique style of PTSD Trauma Workshop was born not only out of the above expertise but from supervising other psychologists, trainees and therapists. These clinicians were often highly trained and experienced, but what they said they lacked was the opportunity to observe other clinicians at work (especially when working with complex, atypical and "stuck" clients), to observe and the practice skills where they felt less confident and to push the boundaries of their own learning within a safe, non-judgmental space. Often supervises were struggling with similar theraputic issues, despite being at different stages of the professional journey.

The workshops are a unique response to the above needs: The workshops focus on "real-life" clinical issues, clients who are "stuck" or who have complex needs. They are highly practical, with clinical observation using the live actor "therapy simulation" and video footage for skills work. We offer a stop & pause format so that delegates can stop, discuss, and pull open the clinical decision-making steps at each stage of the therapy process. The process brings life-like and safer skills practice into the workshop. This process offers unique hands-on training for professionals with sound theory to practice transfer. 

Heather's combined knowledge of clinical practice, extensive experience and excellent training skills make her an excellent and stimulating trainer to work with.    

Dr Heather Sequeira

My Mission:     

"My mission is simple: to provide you with accessible but academically rigorous training in a warm, friendly, safe and respectful atmosphere. My vision is to make psychology training highly practical, more engaging, more enjoyable & more effective without losing the academic thoroughness vital for skilled therapy".  

The level of Competence Required:

PTSDTraumaWorkshops is part of CBTPsychologyTraining - an organisation offering Continuing Professional Development to Psychologists, Counsellors & Psychotherapists & other Mental Health professionals working in the field of trauma & related issues.

Some of our courses (such as the PTSD MasterClass) are directed to professionals who are already familiar with the fundamentals of CBT. Some practitioners may be practising at an intermediate or advanced level. We also offer introductory level courses that are directed to professionals at the beginning of their CBT journey (see the PTSD Essentials workshop) and to those Intermediate-Advanced practitioners.

Attendees are required to have a membership of Regulatory (HPCP) or Professional Body (such as BPS, BABCP or BACP) or be in training for a recognised mental health qualification. There may be occasional exceptions to this  (for example non-practitioner researchers in PTSD or PhD students who wish to attend for research purposes only) but please contact us to discuss. Please note that you need membership of a relevant Regulatory Body to practice.

If you are unsure of the level of competence, qualification or skills required for each course, please contact us in confidence via the contact form.

Self-Funding Discount

In recognition that many people now fund their own CPD, we offer a special reduced fee to those delegates who are 'Self-Funding" their CPD. The full fee is payable for those who are funded by their organisation. To see our upcoming events and book a place.

To see our upcoming events and book a place.

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PTSD Trauma Workshops