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PTSD Master Class:


The last 10 years have seen significant advances in treatments for PTSD. The right interventions make our work more effective.
Empirically validated methods of TF-CBT, underpinned by a relational value base.

Intermediate Level 

12 Hours CPD Certificate 


In PTSD Master Class, our focus is on strategies to help our clients break the Cycle of Traumatic Memory using effective, evidence-based strategies for managing intrusive imagery, somatic re-experiencing and post-traumatic flashbacks. 

It will offer you a firm foundation for working with PTSD using Trauma-Focused CBT, underpinned by a relational philosophy.

We will focus on strategies to: 
    • How to Help Clients Disrupt the Traumatic Memory-Threat Cycle
    • Updates in neuroscience. Plus analogies to help us and our clients understand what is happening in the brain
    • The role of memory processes in the maintenance of PTSD
    • How to Help Clients Process Traumatic Memories safely - without becoming Re-traumatised using Enhanced Reliving Cognitive Behavioural Therapy underpinned by a Relational Philosophy 
    • Understand the Ehlers & Clark model using clinical case studies
    • Avoiding pitfalls in therapy
    • How to help our clients build threat resilience and reclaim their life following trauma

Current theories of PTSD, updates in neuroscience and the role of memory processes in the maintenance of PTSD will be explored, along with case formulation and therapy.

PTSD Master Class is highly practical, with clinical demonstration using live actor and video footage to model therapy skills. This process enables the opportunity to see, experience and to practice using real material in a simulated context. Not only cutting-edge research updates but Innovative “hands-on” skills training. In-depth case formulation & discussion Real-time demonstration, & practice of skills in a safe environment. Empirically based Trauma-Focused CBT for our complex real–world clinical work.

15-24 J

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Workshop itinerary

 Day One Day Two
How do we differentiate PTSD it from other trauma-related responses? Flashback halting & Stimulus Discrimination
PTSD & the Brain: how can we utilize insights from contemporary neuroscience? Enhanced Reliving Theory & Practice dissected case discussions
CBT & Memory & cognitive changes resulting from PTSD: how to facilitate resilience Collaborative Formulation with our client: LIVE therapy demonstration & interaction.
Formulation: integrating T-F CBT with relational values (based Ehlers Clarke T-F CBT) Skills practice work with our “client”
Case studies & interactive discussion Extensive debriefing interactive discussion
What to do when client feels stuck Enhanced Reliving Theory & Practice Skill Demonstration & Skills practice
What not to do… ‘Real-world’ application
CBT Pitfalls in therapy with PTSD LIVE therapy interactive demo & skills practice work with “client”
Enhancing Resilience: Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulation Debunking the myths: Post-traumatic Growth Perceived or “actual” growth.

Level of Competency Required:

The PTSD Master Class is an intermediate level workshop directed to trained mental health practitioners who are familiar with and able to to use the fundamental principles of CBT. For example, practitioners are able to use formulation, identify automatic thoughts and able to help clients test these thoughts. To use the enhanced reliving components, practitioners should have skills in CBT and be supervised by practitioner who uses reliving as part of their own clinical practice and is competent to do so.

Regulatory (HPCP) or Professional Body:

Delegates on this workshop who practice therapy are required to have a membership of a relevant Regulatory Body such as HPCP or equivalent. 

There may be occasional exceptions to this requirement (for example, a trauma researcher or similar who is not practicing with clients but needs insight into trauma therapy issues). Any exception has to be discussed with us in advance. It is explicit that this workshop does not qualify you to practice in the absence of professional qualification and validation by an appropriate regulatory body. Please do get in touch to discuss.


Our own professional responsibility for self-care is emphasised throughout the trainings. The PTSD Master Class Workshop contains detailed discussion of clinical case material and simulated client work pertaining to (but not necessarily limited to) sexual assault, rape, child death in RTA, accidents, war-trauma, hospital trauma, veteran trauma and interpersonal violence. If you are in doubt as to whether this CPD workshop is appropriate for you, please discuss with us in confidence.

Joining Information:

Zoom Training: 9.30am - 4.00pm. Joining info sent 2 days prior to session.

Face-2-Face Training: Most Masterclass workshops are run from our BPS London Office (30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4UE). Times: 9.30am - 4.00pm (doors open from 9.00am).

Venues in Wider areas of UK:

We want to deliver workshops in other regions of the UK. If you see a demand for PTSD & Trauma workshops for professionals in your area please get in touch with us.

We also offer bespoke workshops offering content tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to find out further

15-24 J