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PTSD, Trauma & Beyond: The Essentials

The essentials of recognising & working with a range of traumatic reactions for Counsellors & Mental Health Practitioners.

  • Cutting-edge   *but accessible & clinically relevant*   research & theory
  • Clinical strategies & live observation
  • PTSD Trauma Essentials Heather Sequeira


    Earn a 6 Hours CPD Certificate
    Establishes the empirical frameworks for working trans-diagnostically with traumatised people. For understanding what maintains a person's difficulties and therefore what needs to be done to help a person move forward.


    The One-Day Workshop Will Help Delegates:

    • To develop a clear understanding of the nature of Childhood & Adult traumatic presentations.
    • Understand an accessible psychological theory of PTSD derived from empirical findings.
    • Identify the common strategies used to cope with trauma that may actually contribute to the maintenance of PTSD.
    • To develop confidence in assessing and formulating PTSD and associated co-morbidity in more complex presentations.
    • Identify Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD & Complex PTSD responses & other “co-morbid” problems.
    • Develop an accessible understanding of happens in the brain following psychological trauma (an introduction).
    • Gain Tools to Normalise post-trauma responses: Reducing stigma; reducing secondary stresses.
    • Develop skills in distress tolerance & emotional regulation to help clients move forward.

    Live Observation & Practice - Makes this Different from Other Training:

    The workshop is highly practical.  Delegates will get the chance for live observation & skills practice (with a professional actor playing our client attending therapy). We discuss moment–to–moment decisions about the direction therapy should take - unpacking the therapeutic process with real-time demonstration & practice of skills. Plus, other diverse clinical material will be used to illustrate different presentations, real-world challenges & therapy pitfalls.  CBT with a relational base.

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    Level of Competence Required:

    This course is ideal for professionals who want to develop & their practice skills to help clients with a history of trauma. It is also an excellent recap for advanced level practitioners. Whether clinicians are counsellors getting their first exposure to CBT for trauma or seasoned practitioners wanting a refresher, this will satisfy professional training needs. For this workshop, NO prior CBT experience is necessary.  

    Delegates on this workshop who practice therapy are required to have a membership of a relevant Regulatory Body such as HPCP or equivalentor be in training for a recognised mental health qualification in supervised practice.

    There may be occasional exceptions to this requirement (for example, a trauma researcher or similar who is not practicing with clients but needs insight into trauma therapy issues). Any exception has to be discussed with us in advance. It is explicit that this workshop does not qualify you to practice in the absence of professional qualification and validation by an appropriate regulatory body. Please do get in touch to discuss.


    Workshop itinerary

    PTSD, Trauma & Beyond: The Essentials
    Working trans-diagnostically with traumatised people: there's more to it than PTSD
    Enhancing Resilience: Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulation
    An introduction to fear, trauma & the brain: how can we utilize insights from contemporary neuroscience to help clients Theory & Practice dissected case discussions
    Enhancing Resilience: Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulation
    LIVE therapy interactive demo & skills practice work with “client”
    Case studies & interactive discussion
    Skills practice work with our “client”
    Pitfalls in therapy following trauma
    Extensive  interactive discussion
    What to do when client feels stuck Enhanced Reliving Theory & Practice Skill Demonstration & Skills practice
    What not to do… ‘Real-world’ application


    Delegates own professional responsibility for self-care is emphasised throughout the trainings. The PTSD Trauma & Beyond may contain detailed discussion of clinical case material and simulated client work pertaining to (but not necessarily limited to) sexual abuse, rape, road traffic accidents, hospital trauma, interpersonal violence and veteran trauma. If you are in doubt as to whether this CPD workshop is appropriate for you, please discuss with us in confidence.


    Most workshops are run from our BPS London Office (30 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4UE).

    Timings: Master Classes start at 9.30 (prompt) & finish at 4.00pm. BPS office open from 9.00am. 

    Venues in Wider areas of UK:

    We want to deliver workshops in other regions of the UK. If you see a demand for PTSD & Trauma workshops for professionals in your area please get in touch with us.

    We also offer bespoke workshops offering content tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Please contact us to find out further