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Our 3 core workshops (1-3) go from PTSD Practioner Entry Level to Intermediate-Advanced Practitioner Level. So whether you are a seasoned, highly experienced clinician or just starting to develop your practice with trauma, we have a workshop to build cumulatively on what you already know, supporting your steps to trauma expertise. Our view is that Trauma and Emotional pain are NOT pathologies. The approach is non-stigmatising, evidence-based TF-CBT integrated with Person Centred-Relational values.

In the hands of a safe & skilled practitioner, Trauma-Focused Therapy can empower your clients to transform their lives:

With significant research advances in PTSD in just the last 7 years, we help you apply cutting-edge research advances in concise, actionable ways. You will use credible, in-depth case formulation and “live” demonstration of skills with simulated clients. We emphasise a safe environment, non-retraumatising Trauma-Focused Therapy that does not diminish or oversimplify the profound experiences under examination.

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